Steven Medina Esq.

Corporate Advisory Board

Mr. Medina is a well-recognized and seasoned healthcare professional in corporate compliance. His specific knowledge of the Medicare, Medicaid and HIPAA regulatory environment makes him uniquely qualified to provide infrastructure and support in such key and critical areas as operations, revenue cycle, management, and ancillary provider contracts. Professionally Mr. Medina brings his expertise into service to oversee and monitor healthcare compliance program implementation, developing, coordinating and participation in compliance training program that focuses on the essential elements of the medical field compliance programs. Mr. Medina has held training programs for both employees and physicians to better understand and comply with pertinent federal and state statues as well as regulations and standards. Mr. Medina is often called upon to review and revise corporate compliance programs in light of changes in the needs of the practice or changes in the law. Mr. Medina also develops a solid audit procedure for both private and publicly traded companies that establishes a consistent methodology for selecting and examining records to serve as a basis for future audits.

Mr. Medina is a graduate of the class of 1984 from Queens College and a graduate of the class of 1987 from St. John’s University School of Law. He is currently the founder of Accutus Consulting Group, Inc. which was formed to assist physicians and other providers in understanding the complex healthcare industry.