Stanley L. Teeple

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Teeple was engaged from 2017-2018 with Solis Tek, Inc. (OTCQB:SLTK) a California based publicly traded corporation as Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary , and Chief Compliance Officer. Solis Tek, Inc. a NV Corporation, is a developer of lighting and nutrient products, and most recently in cultivation and processing for the cannabis industry. Previously, from 2015-2016 Mr. Teeple was Chief Financial Officer and Secretary for Zonzia Media, Inc. (OTC:ZONX), a provider of streaming video and content to cable subscribers and hotel networks throughout the eastern US. From 2008 to 2014 Mr. Teeple was Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Indigo-Energy, Inc. (OTC:IDGG) a publicly traded company in the oil and gas exploration business. Over the prior three plus decades Mr. Teeple through his turnaround consulting business, Stan Teeple, Inc., has held numerous senior management positions in several public and private companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Additionally he has operated and worked for various court appointed trustees and principals as CEO, COO, and CFO in the entertainment, pharmaceuticals, food, travel, and tech industries. He operated his consulting business on a project-to-project basis and holds various other directorships. His businesses operational strengths include knowing how to manage and maximize the resources and preserve the integrity of a company from start-up through to maturity and corporate compliance in a regulatory environment.