Keri Fessler

Corporate Advisory Board

Ms. Fessler is well-recognized for her knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry with extensive experience in the Personal Injury field. Throughout the years, Ms. Fessler has developed strong relationships within the industry through her outstanding service, creative solutions and business practices. Professionally, she brings her expertise into service by utilizing her vast knowledge of the marketing industry. It is her many years of experience that has enabled her to understand how to create an effective work flow to successfully promote a business. Ms. Fessler has run multi-specialty practices including Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic, PM&R, Interventional Pain, Physical Therapy, Psychology and surgical centers. She has provided consulting services for offices in need of a complete reorganization of their practice and has owned and operating her own B&C company where she had a highly effective revenue cycle program. Ms. Fessler is often called upon to help her clients establish an immediate flow of business while increasing revenue for her clients by opening them up to a network of insurance participants, physician groups and attorneys. Ms. Fessler is currently the founder of Elite Marketing Services, LLC which was formed to provide high quality business development programs to the healthcare network.